Quercus Community

  • VA


2005 Barton Avenue
United States

About Us

Quercus Community is an income-sharing, egalitarian commune starting up in Richmond, VA. We are dedicated to ecological conservation, social justice, personal growth, and leading lives of beauty, agency, and fun.

We hold our land, labor, income and other resources in common, and distribute them according to the needs of our members. We promote a strong culture of proactive interpersonal communication and strive for our members to develop strong relationships, both with one another and our surrounding community. We govern ourselves via consensus decision making, and we're dedicated to dismantling systems of arbitrary hierarchy, wherever they may be found. Ultimately, we wish for our project, and those of similar principles, to be endeavors of growth and reach, so that egalitarianism might spread further into the world.

We are committed to fostering a nonviolent and non-hierarchical environment, both internally and in our greater community, as well as devoting ourselves to living sustainably, social justice, community building, activism, and personal growth. 

We're creating an internal economic system that doesn't discriminate against paid versus unpaid work. The four cofounding Quercs share 100% of our income, although we all contribute in our own ways, be that through money-paying jobs, house work, or service to the greater community helping to build a more just and healthy society. 

We strive to meet our needs in ways that feel ethical and satisfying, employing the concept of right livelihood. By conserving resources, recycling materials, working collaboratively, and committing to DIY ethics and thrifty living, we strive to minimize the amount of time/money necessary to meet our basic needs, thus freeing up more time for us to spend on things we care most about. 

Not-so- ideological interests and hobbies of current Quercus members include, but are not limited to:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Yarn Bombing
Bicycle Flash Mobs
Art Parties
Food Not Bombs
Animal Rescue
DIY everything!

To apply for membership or an internship, please send us an email and we'll set up a phone or in-person interview. We require a two-week prospective member visiting period. You can also come to Food Not Bombs on Sunday-- we start cooking at noon and we serve at Monroe Park at 4pm. 

For more information, send us an email or see our listing with the Fellowship for Intentional Community at http://www.ic.org/directory/quercus/