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About Us

Dream Shelter Ghana (Ghana) seeks to eradicate poverty and gender inequality, by initiating various community development programs aimed at alleviating poverty levels in selected underprivileged communities irrespective of sex and religion, but more into girl child education. it is a well established fact that agriculture is the main occupation and major source of income for many rural communities. Also it serves as an employment avenue for people notably women who produce about 70% of the food and constitute 52% of the labor force in Ghana. In spite of this, growth has tended to over the years been much slower than expected. These low productions over the years is accounted for by low investments, pests, and poor technological skills as well as the urbanization drive of the youth compiled with the removal of subsidies on agricultural inputs and cumbersome or inadequate credit schemes. Considering the afore mentioned factors, one realizes that agricultural production is literally under threat. That is why at Dream Shelter Ghana, we seek improvement in the agricultural sector as one of its main strategy in empowering the rural folk aside from education. Also apart from agric projects dream shelter also provides volunteer opportunities in other areas of interest to the volunteer ranging from teaching to fashion and football coaching. it must however be noted that dream shelter volunteer programme is also aimed at students abroad who would want to enrich their resume with over seas work experience.

OBJECTIVES The objectives of the organization are to: Setup a fund to provide scholarships for brilliant children in rural communities. One child one school bag with accessories (exercise books, slates, pencils, erasers), and provision of school uniforms. This is to encourage children to go to school. Provision of solar powered pumps to produce safe and convenient drinking water for selected communities. Initiate and develop employable skills for deprived and unskilled persons (youth) in rural communities. Engage the youth in social education programs aimed at educating them on the dangers of HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy and healthy lifestyles Reduce rural urban migration of the youth by initiating programs aimed at giving them employable skills. To setup a board which will center on the production, research, extension, internal and external marketing of farm produce which shall include cash crops (cocoa, coffee, sheanut and cashew nuts). The shall also be responsible for initiating various training programs for the rural farmers to enhance production, cut post-harvest losses, and the processing of agricultural products.


As the saying goes ‘a strong nation is built on a strong people’ portrays just how much a nation has to develop its human capital. That is why looking at the deplorable nature of people living in rural communities; a few philanthropic individuals came together to mobilize funds and implement projects aimed at lessening the burdens and suffering of the rural people, and to reduce poverty especially the rural farmer. Out of this dedication DREAM SHELTER GHANA was born in 2007 as a service oriented, non-government organization concerned with the deplorable conditions of the rural persons.

DREAM SHELTER GHANA is in its formative years and we are aware of the difficulties involved in raising funds for projects, we will initially start with a few selected communities within eastern Ghana for the first five years and hope to cover the rest of the nation in some time to come. Currently, most of our projects are small due to financing. Dream Shelter Ghana is based in Accra the capital of Ghana and has no political or religious affiliation, which is working for the improved conditions of deprived communities through volunteerism. We are able to operate due to the kind contribution of members and donors. The organization is registered in Ghana with the Registrar General Department under the companies’ code, 1963 (Act 179).It must however be noted that apart from helping the rural farmer dream shelter also undertakes community based project through volunteer opportunities in the following areas:

  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Ghana Health project
  • Orphanage support programs
  • Social support programs - helping to care for children with disabilities, working with people with HIV/AIDS
  • Veterinary support placement
  • Agric Improvement project – helping with improvement in the agric sector in rural communities Fashion and designing
  • Sports Coaching