HORIZON International (formerly known as HORIZON Communications)

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About Us

Horizon International is a charitable volunteer institution based at Yale University. The organization encourages and develops solutions to environmental health, environment, population, poverty and development problems. It makes generally available the knowledge of these solutions with the help of hundreds of cooperating organizations, a Scientific Review Board and Special Advisors, over 200 Horizon Associates, and media, such as television and the Internet.

The Horizon Solutions Site is a collaborative effort with several United Nations entities, UNDP, UNEP, UNFPA, Unicef, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Yale University and Horizon's colleagues at Harvard University. It presents readily accessible peer-reviewed case studies, articles and exhibits. Horizon Solutions Site: http://www.solutions-site.org

The Horizon Solutions Site for Kids of All Ages is an engaging, interactive, multimedia feature effectively reaching millions of young children and adolescents throughout the world. Horizon Solutions Site for Kids of All Ages: http://www.solutions-site.org/kids

We invite you, your colleagues and friends to submit case studies and articles, to provide links to the Horizon Solutions Site, to assist with dissemination of information from and about the Site, and to become a Horizon Associate (consisting of interns, volunteers, and research fellows).

Horizon also invites submissions, especially from young people, for the Site for Kids. These may include cartoons, games, photo essays, contest ideas, songs, video clips and other media efforts, and ideas for further development of the Kids Site.