Vijay Lakshya Organization

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About Us

Vijay Lakshya Organization is a Bhopal based registered non governmental organisation that is committed for the following Causes: Social, Education, Environment, Child & Women .

Education Cause:

Our primary aim is to ensure that every child of school going age is in school and gaining a strong educational foundation,that will prepare him/her for better employment opportunities and the right to lead life with dignity and self respect.Promoting high quality primary education so as to give them a strong foundation for the time ahead.

Health cause: Concentrates on prevailing health problems in society and their awareness among masses. Also conducting variety of free medical check-ups & Blood donation at regular intervals.

Green cause: "Care Green, Expand Green" is our motto.Encouraging environment friendly activities and spreading the word among the multitude.
Women cause: "Women" the spine of our society. Working for their progress and betterment in all spheres.
Child Abuse cause: Child abuse leaves perpetual scars on the victim and is the most disgusting act on this earth. This cause aims at helping such children in all possible ways ensuring that every child lives as a dignified individual in the course of time.