The Larry English L.E.A.D. Foundation

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About Us

The Larry English L.E.A.D. Foundation is committed to creating opportunities to broaden the mindset of youth athletes by empowering them with advanced programming in education, professional development and mentoring to help them achieve their dreams.

Few people who dream of becoming paid professional athletes,coaches,or sports officials beat the odds and make a full-time living from professional athletics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a .00565% chance that student athletes will become a professional player. In addition, those athletes who are part of the less than one percent that are able to play at a professional level often have short careers with little job security.

What many sports fans and young athletes don’t realize are the difficulties that can occur during the transition into a career after sports if athletes have pursued their sports to the detriment of their general education. The Foundation’s purpose is to integrate and elevate student athlete’s educational and professional dreams, through various programming for middle school and high school students. Students will learn to prioritize their education and work to improve their academic success therefore ensuring the success of their professional lives. Critical to the students’ forward progress, is the long-term commitment and support of at least one of the students’ parents or guardians. By the time our students have graduated from high school they will have developed because of the advantages provided. In addition, they will have cultivated essential skills and relationships, which will help LEAD them towards their future goals.