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About Us

Prodiatera is a non-profit charity acting to eradicate breast cancer through the formation of educational training programs for medical personnel countrywide. At present, Prodiatera is the only organization in Poland and one of few in the world that possesses a comprehensive integrated breast cancer prophylaxis program based on mid-level medical personnel, which can specifically attend to large numbers of women, both in large cities and more importantly in small towns and villages which have been hereto underprivileged as far as health care is concerned. Prodiatera’s main activities revolve around providing adequate training and retraining for nurses in both clinical breast examination (CBE) and breast self examination (BSE). As part of its program, from fall 2001 until fall 2004, Prodiatera published 60,000 educational brochures, trained 200 community nurses from Poland, and utilizing the knowledge of the trained nurses, has surveyed and performed prophylactic examinations of approx.15,000 women in Poland, and has made possible the effectuation of 6,000 free mammographies. Most of the nurses trained by Prodiatera, as well as an additional group of 150 nurses and 20 doctors with various specializations are current members of Prodiatera. Prodiatera works closely with Amberheart Breast Cancer Foundation -Canada (, whose work in Poland inspired Prodiatera’s creation.