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About Us

ć Education and training to improve the employability of young persons. Family and child education welfare projects and condensed educational courses for men and women.

ć To emphasis mostly model schools, residential schools, Nursery schools, secondary, higher and technical educational institutions, colleges of all categories and daycare centers for kids.

ć To strengthen and promote voluntary effect in rural development through building up local leadership, local institutions and train workers particularly amongst the weaker sections.

ć To conduct non-formal education centers, popularize family planning and to publicize the developmental activities taken up by the government.

ć The society will take initial part to provide all provisions to the public through the government sources.

ć To civilize and serve to the particular categories of nomads, tribal, ST, SC, EBC, etc., to their utmost growth and also to save them from sadist groups and prove superstitions are fiction from the civilized society.

ć To provide and assist for running of the social welfare scheme health, hygiene, sanitation, welfare of the women and children, down trodden rural ones.

ć To act as a link betwixt the government and public so as to avail the assistance of the government to those who are well deserved.

ć To organize self-employment programmes village industries and small-scale industries to create employment in urban and rural areas.

ć To organize homes for the aged and physically handicapped homes, orphanage for children, ashrams for middle aged and old aged.

ƒá To organize youth rallies, children conference and women welfare associations (Mahila ¡V Mandals) and to enlighten.

ć To help farmers particularly small and marginal farmers, rural artisans and agricultural labour by providing them integrated services and facilities for increasing the employment production and income such as horticulture, cattle forms, poultry, etc.,

ć To promote awareness of plantation, forestation and to develop the green culture around the living environment of humans and to propagate the necessity and significance of trees and plants and the future good results of it.

ć Educated unemployment scheme: - Enabling each and every educated and who are graduated from high school to be given a chance to enter in to the field of learning with in their reach to the special oriented course like film industries training, video, music dance, and fine arts. Also to take up social reformation films to educate people for the sake of cultural, civic, ethical, intellectual and social development.

ć Provision for employment opportunities for needy destitute and widows, the employment as well as training arranged with the lines of tailoring, toy-making, wool knitting, mat works, basket works, flower vas making and such other small scale industries.