House of Learning




About Us

House of Learning (The QTC) is a non-governmental and non-profitable centre focused on providing superb education, entrepreneurship workshops/trainings and life skills to our beneficiaries: orphans, vulnerable children (OVC) and underprivileged widows. Initiated and fully functional since May 2009, it is a Tanzanian registered CBO (Community Based Organization) with registration number MMC/CBO/119/2010.

Our VISION is to create community change through education in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania

Our MISSION is to provide pre- and primary education, secondary education (qualifying tests and private candidates), entrepreneurship workshops & training, and life skills to orphans, vulnerable children, and under-privileged widows.


1. To assist/support Tanzanian orphans and vulnerable children with academic matters. 2. To provide entrepreneurship workshops & training skills to underprivileged widows. 3. To empower orphans, street children, and underprivileged widows academically and professionally.

House of Learning is focused on:

EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES Educating orphans and vulnerable children as well as underprivileged widows endows them with the necessary skills to meet their needs and the confidence to pursue their own goals.

FIGHTING STIGMA Providing information to the community through various mediums helps to increase awareness and reduce stigmatization of those in need.

REDUCING POVERTY Redirecting children from the street and offering them education, entrepreneurship workshops, training, and life skills allows them to take advantage of further opportunities and thereby improving their quality of life and income level.