Adam LeAdam


Rut 9 st
Ramat Gan


About Us

The vision of Adam LeAdam – International Humanitarian Aid (registered association) is based upon the universal tradition and values of Jewish culture, which is characterized by social justice and giving. The Adam LeAdam association wishes to create a foundation of young Jewish leadership that seeks to promote the values of tikkun olam (making the world a better place) through the development and implementation of educational programs in Israel, in the Jewish world, and in developing countries. Through recognition of the importance of the Jewish peoplehood, Adam LeAdam hopes to strengthen and deepen the ties between young adults in the Diaspora and Israeli young adults as a central layer in creating a common Jewish identity and through strengthening the centrality of Israel. Activists in the association constitute the basis for creating an “International Jewish Peace Corps” by creating a network of ties between countries, nations, and cultures, and as such constitute ambassadors of Judaism and Israel as implementers of the concept of tikkun olam. The association's activity is based upon a range of leadership programs aimed towards assisting communities in need in developing countries and towards launching relief operations after natural and man made disasters. The association acts within an inclusive framework that works alongside leading entities, organizations, and leaders in Israeli society and worldwide. The association activists are part of the young global Jewish leadership and consider themselves to be committed to the ideas of social justice and tikkun olam.