Urban Fusion (Performing Arts Program for Youth)

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About Us

Our Misson:

Urban Fusion strives to positively effect and enrich the lives of young people, instilling confidence and life skills to help them achieve their highest potential as active and capable community members through a professionally supported Fine Arts program. In addition to a disciplined environment and goals to work toward, Urban Fusion endeavors to provide guidance through the example of committed volunteers, professional leadership and an unparalleled standard of excellence.


A fun, engaging, musical atmosphere for children. (9-19 yrs old)

The Program currently utilizes The Search Institute's Developmental Assets (Youth Asset Building) as our framework for youth development within ALL of our programming.

Children benefit from our program because they learn and experience traits that are “life” specific”, and not just musical.

They learn traits that develop the soft skills necessary for life. Traits such as Teamwork, respect, focus, self-disipline, positive self-esteem etc... While also learning how interact in various peer vs. peer / peer vs. mentor relationships... all while having FUN!

We see Music as our means to teach these skills.... our priority is always to the experience.

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