HUCEPFON - Human Concerned and Environmental Preservation Forum Nepal

About Us

To organize the programs for keeping the environment clean there is need to identify the imbalance of environment and making the public careful and curious. So the information and solutions for pollution can be introduced to public.

To organize existing environmental preservation and management.

To organize the programs for eradicating the traditional, conservative opinions backwards and to publish the articles, books and seminars on discrimination and prejudice of classes and religions.

To support the human rights preservation and the rights granted by law to public and to make such rights public the books and educational goods have to be prepared.

To run some helpful professions for women especially from rural backwarded classes and to give some vocational training to make them self depended.

To organize some programs for preventing future generation from bad habitual and company which are going to be increased in our society day by day.

To organize various programs on environment preservation and health jointly regarding public health.

To run health camp time to time in some rural villages where backwarded classes are main habitat. And to give related authority by the coordination regarding those things.

To organize the programs for eradicating the wide child labor and prostitution.

To organize the programs in opposition to the raced religion discrimination where all original habitat are divided and forming human struggle and dominant. And to establishment the national and international peace programs.

To remain cooperated with all national and international agencies and institutes who give its membership to others and get membership from others too.

To keep relation with government coordination related to this institute. And to do some related tasks according to the rules and the regulations by government.