Rise Development Organization

About Us


Rise Development Organization, is a non-governmental, non- partisan and non-profit making organization, established and registered with HAC in August 2006.

The head office is located in the capital of Sudan (Khartoum).

Its main first field basic is in Central Equatoria State (Juba).

The Rise Organization for Development is registered with South Sudan Rehabilitation and Relief Commission (SSRRC).

Who we are

Rise Organization for Development, aims to play a vital role with civil societies in nation building, development, reconstruction, rehabilitation, capacity building, social awareness and participatory efforts, the vision for RISE organization emerged as a new addition to the civil society and national voluntary organizations working to promote the above mentioned visions particularly in health and environmental awareness as well as curbing bad practices and encouragement of gender role in the society in collaboration with organizations of relevant mandates. Rise Development Organization was first established as the African Youth Solidarity Organization with branches at various Sudanese universities and high schools, and is an affiliate of the United Network of Young Peace-builders (UNOY, http://www.unoy.org). Rise members have been involved in a variety of educational, health, development, and peace building activities


Creation of a society free from social, cultural and political misery.

Aims and Objectives:

The organization strives to achieve the following objectives:

·Cooperation and collaboration with all the popular sections of the society and state organs for establishment of humanitarian work, unity and stability.

·To curb poverty, minimize rates of crime and unemployment.

·To maintain environmentally related issues and sustain socio-economic development.

·Achieve educational and institutional awareness and spread of peace culture.

·Render assistances to the needy and to war and disaster victims as much as possible.

·Capacity building for the local population to achieve sustainable development.

·Provide essential services such as water, sanitation and education.

·Fight bad traditional practices and eliminate their negative impact in the society.

·Capacity building for women.

·Support for the disabled street boys and orphans.

· Any other objective (s) which does not contradict the organization’s constitution.


The overall of Rise is to facilitate the right for war affected children/adult empowerment, to organize them socially and economically. Acquire knowledge, various skills including leadership skills, be gender sensitive, participate in raising preventive health care, child mother care and effective, participation in charity institutions and in civic education.

The Means:

The Organization strives to achieve its objectives through the work plan of the Ministry of Humanitarian Aid regardless of any tribal, partisan or political affiliation.

It also works to combine voluntary efforts and encourage popular participation in its programs through funds and supports received from the government, people of good will and voluntary agencies, national and foreign through the following:

1-Holding of workshops and study sessions in collaboration with development related institutions.

2-Participation in capacity building at rural and urban levels through execution of training programs.

3-Execution of training programs to achieve objectives of the organization and projects formulation to support its work.

4-Establishment of centers for adult education training sessions.

5-Any other legal means.

Future Programs:

1- Training of youth in all spheres knowledge 2- Civic education 3- Good Governance 4- Human Right 5- Gender main streaming program 6- Regional out reach network program 7- Establishment of Training centers. 8- Other income generating activities.