Campaign for Labor Rights

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About Us

It is the mission of the Campaign for Labor Rights (CLR) to mobilize grassroots support throughout the United States to promote economic and social justice by campaigning to end labor rights violations around the world. Through our campaigns, we strive to empower workers and promote the right to organize as a fundamental human right.

CLR educates about, and advocates against, the underlying causes of the global sweatshop. In our work to dismantle the global sweatshop, our starting point is to locate sweatshops within a broad, contextual understanding of the current structure of economic globalization. Our objective is to promote resistance to this structure in local communities.

Our campaign strategies are designed in collaboration with workers struggling to gain the right to organize, the right to earn a living wage in a clean, safe work environment, and the right to bargain collectively with their bosses.

CLR has been called the “grassroots mobilizing department” of the U.S. anti-sweatshop movement. We coordinate with over 500 communities in the U.S. as well as other local, national, and international anti-sweatshop groups, to attack the root causes of poverty, oppression, and global economic disparity.


We prioritize campaigns which have the goal of worker empowerment through union recognition and collectively bargained contracts. We operate on the solidarity model, taking our lead from the workers whose livelihood and lives are at stake. We serve as a resource to local activists who are organizing in their communities in support of workers world-wide.