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About Us

Worldwide, cleanliness is associated with prosperity. Cleanliness shows that we care - about our environment, community and future. But can we say that we care about cleanliness. Our households are generally clean but can we say the same thing about our streets, neighbourhood, parks, gardens, bazars or about other public places. These places are most often found garbage filled and littered. Do we feel that these are dirty because of resource crunch ( India being a poor country) or because of indifference and callousness on the part of each one of us - including those who litter, those who are supposed to clean and those who are supposed to be administrators ? Or do we feel that it is some one else's ( say Government's ) responsibility, with we having duly (?) paid our taxes? This group proposes to discuss this issue and fix reponsibility - more on self,less on others. The idea is to make our habitat clean and life more livable. We shall like to discuss the issue globally on an all India basis as well as take up specific problems for each city and each Resident Welfare Association (RWA)and each town and each village. Visit website at My Clean India is not about litter alone, which is only a symptom of a disease, but is also about creating leaders and good citizens, who are willing to take charge of their community and also of this country. Who shall ensure that there is no more littering - physical and moral. We see the coming change and would like to be catalysts. We promote 'My Clean' where 'My' stands for an individual taking responsibility and 'Clean' stands for purity. It can now be applied to anything - be it country, city, school, home, table, heart, soul or mind. While we shall have to learn environmental cleanliness from the developed world, we shall be able to take our spirituality and cleanliness of heart and mind to the entire world.