Heaven's Playground

  • NJ


37 Mountainside Dr.
United States

About Us

Heaven's Playground was initially formed with one thought in mind: to bring together a graduating group of friends. Well, that and to play some hoops. But the fun we have had at each Heaven's Playground tournament gave us a chance not only to spend time with old friends, but to meet new ones. To all that have attended and volunteered it's become a special and rewarding annual celebration.

Today, the spirit of Heaven's Playground continues with the same desire to renew old friendships. But that same spirit takes on new meaning as we strive to help others that are less fortunate. We have learned how to create and maintain a strong and meaningful organization that supports the event. Now, we are seeking to expand on our success with each tournament.

As we have grown, we have realized that HP is an incredible opportunity to help others, especially children. As a non-profit organization largely run by young people, we are fully committed to helping the youth of today. To bring Heaven's Playground to its full potential we need YOU. Not only to attend, but to help out, or act as a sponsor. We are looking for creative ideas and the energy to help make each Heavens Playground tournament better each year. We are dedicated to be an open community of all ages who wants to, for one day, celebrate the summer, play some games, meet new people, and catch up with old friends. And, most importantly, we want to continue to be a community that by getting together, even for one day a year, can make a difference.

We have watched the Heaven's Playground tournament grow and succeed and grow far beyond our expectations. Through our grass-roots organization and volunteerism, we aim to show that we can continue to generate good times and good feelings about helping others. It's truely a dream come true. A dream that's not quite over but just beginning.