About Us

HRSWS (Human Resource Social Welfare Society) Pakistan. HRSWS-Pakistan is a Non Government Organization (NGO). Its head office is based in Shabqadar, NWFP Pakistan. HRSWS Established in 2000 as a Community Based Organization (CBO).We have International Branch in Nigeria. Now the HRSWS is the Official Organizing Committee of "Clean Upthe World" Organization Australia for 2002 and it was Representative of Initiative for Peace Organization Singapore for June 23rd- 30th 2002 Conference. The HRSWS has made a good reputation for its self in the field of Social Work, Human Resource and Public Health Services through out the province and now decided to spread its services through out the country. It is considered one of the most competent Welfare Organization of the country.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To take on the task of health education i.e. to promote public awareness about serious and grave social problems like Hepatitis, AIDS, Drugs and Narcotics, Atmospheric pollution, Population explosion etc..
  • To arrange Programs, Lectures, Seminars and Symposia for Character building of the people and students.
  • To take suitable actions for awareness of social welfare and development activities in people and students.
  • To arrange blood for the poor and needy patients and arrange programs for blood grouping and collection of blood donations in schools, colleges and universities.
  • To take care poor street children.
  • To arrange free medical camps, established the technical educational centers for poor needy people, established hospitals, safe home for Orphans people and take part in every development activities.
  • Acting as a group in involving general public, different governmental and non-governmental institutions so as to serve people and take part in social welfare activities.
  • Maintaining a liaison with National and International agencies and seeking their Technical and financial help in an effort to invest in the field of Human Resource Social welfare.