Public Works: The Center for the Public Sector

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About Us

Public Works is a non-profit organization dedicated to building public will for the common good. We believe that the public systems and structures that make up our local, state and federal governments are our instruments for pursuing the common good and accomplishing together what we cannot do alone. To secure and maintain the government we need and deserve requires more than marginal shifts in public opinion. We must create substantial and enduring changes in cultural understanding about the role and purpose of government. We must revitalize notions of civic responsibility, the value of public goods, and the virtues of a truly representative democracy.

Public Works seeks to ignite aspiration and action for a government that works. We work to create an enlightened and informed public that is motivated to move beyond cynicism and distrust toward government and joins together to build a public sector that works for all. We identify and develop influential spokespeople who engage in current debates about specific public policy issues, while using every opportunity to build public awareness of the importance of government's role in creating an America we all can believe in. We equip community leaders, advocates and public servants with the skills and knowledge they need to be articulate and vigorous supporters of the role of government in a functioning society.