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About Us

Meet draw-peace.com - a platform for people to share creative ideas about the roaring Middle East.

A creative and collaborative teaching tool, draw-peace.com allows us to share ideas for a more friendly and peaceful world.

Draw-peace.com evolved from an interactive art show that took place during the International Student Festival (ISFiT) in Trondheim, Norway. ISFiT is the world's largest student festival with a thematic focus. The themes have changed over the years, but have always been related to social and political topics of international relevance. In 2009 the theme was Peace Building, and I was invited to create an exhibit from my perspective as an Israeli artist. I created an interactive installation that evoked the feel, the look, the smell and even the climate of the Middle East.

Leaving the classrooms and straying from their usual routines, visitors entered a hot, sandy gallery to relax and share a desert meal of coffee and falafel, to discuss and exchange ideas, and to meditate upon how to build peace.

Visitors filled the gallery walls with their ideas for building peace in this land. They were encouraged to work together with others, as peace is not a solitary process. People were inspired by and responded to the heartfelt and spontaneous works around them.

Entering as passive viewers, visitors became active participants in peace building, through a project that shares ideas from the public to the public, rather than from the artist, the politician or the media to the public.

Through this website, people from different countries and cultures can work together and share their ideas for peace. Draw-peace.com – cheaper than a plane ticket, faster than learning a new language, and more powerful than the sum of its parts.