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This is the inaugural year for NEWARK ACTS and the first new ministry to be created in the Diocese of Newark in recent years. This ministry will connect the Diocese closer to the needs domestic needs through our partner agencies/institutions, e.g. Hoboken Shelter, HobokenJubileeCenter, Episcopal Community Development, Christ Hospital, St Phillip’s Academy and All Saints’ Day School. We are proud to have an intern assigned to the Seamen’s Church Institute providing a link to the global world we live in. The seafarer’s story and plight for social and economic justice is well known and the work of this long established ministry will bring the needs of the seafarers closer to our diocese. Our sister program inNew York City has had an intern at this site in past years and it has proven to link the diocese and the institute closer. The work done at Christ Hospitalis to a population that is desperately in need of medical services and our diocesan hospital offers more charity care than any other hospital inNorth Jersey. The work done at Episcopal Community Development is crucial in these difficult financial times. The two schools offer education to a wide variety of children who now have an opportunity to benefit from an intern who will share diversity and a new cultural experience. The work of the Hoboken Shelter in advocacy for the homeless and transitional housing is paramount and our intern will provide a go to hands on contact to be in front of bureaucrats and elected officials. The Hoboken Jubilee Center is a community gathering place for marginalized people in a affluent city that has forgotten the needs of children and adults with no place to go but the streets. Our intern will provide a fulltime person to this over taxed staff providing another voice and set of hands in this ministry.

Year two we have added four positions of Community Organizers who will work in two different parish settings as community liasons for these inner city churches. We have partnered with the YCS (Youth Consultation Service) to have a intern at two of their facilities that offer emergency housing and specialized needs to adolescents who have cycled out of foster homes. NEWARK ACTS will be working with the Hudson County Homemakers an agency that provides health aides and companions for many in our most populated city in NJ.

NEWARK ACTS is growing and the level of excitement and opportunity abounds. We offer continuing education with authors including, John Shelby Spong and Karen Armstrong. Opportunities for personal enrichment and growth in your secular life with a focus of spirituality and discipline.