Mosoq Ayllu

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About Us

Volunteering In Peru Mosoq Ayllu is a full registered non profit organization based in Huancayo city in the highlands of Peru, We are recommended by several organizations and hundreds of ex -volunteers , among other goals Mosoq ayllu was created to help people in economically depressed communities to improve their living conditions in 2002.

Mosoq ayllu offers long or short term volunteer positions and also the opportunity to:learn spanish or improve it, enjoy the variety of the Peruvian culture, know and visit many touristic places, make friends, live with a Peruvian family and the most important see all the doantions that Mosoq Ayllu has made since 2002 ,continues making and will make with your contribution in the different projects that we have or develope new ones.

Available volunteering positions are: Volunteering in a Peruvian orphanage, Volunteering with special needs children, Volunteering in our street children program, Volunteering as English teacher Assistant, Volunteering with Health and Medical services. Volunteering developing new projects .

Providing assistance to three Peruvian regions: Huancayo (Highlands), San Ramon, La Merced (Cities in the Jungle) Shiringamazu a native comunity in theJungle, Trujillo and Chiclayo (Coast).