Operation Protect A Child Today

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About Us

Operation P.A.C.T. will relentlessly pursue a solution to online obscenity and exploitation of children and the resulting child pornography, where financial gain and perversion rule the illegal actions and the immoral souls of pedophiles, kidnappers and exploiters.

Operation P.A.C.T. will not rest until we reach every willing family in need; every vulnerable child at danger's door and every caregiver and provider that has the ability to reach out to the youthful hands and innocent souls of our most precious gifts and hopeful resources for a safe and secure tomorrow...Our Children.

Operation P.A.C.T. will cooperate faithfully with Law Enforcement, School Districts, Churches and City Governments in our efforts to attack this calamity from the front end - instilling knowledge and preparedness rather than attacking the back end where the crime has been committed and the innocence lost.