Belafonte TACOLCY Center

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6161 NW 9th Avenue
United States

About Us

TACOLCY is a nonprofit organization located on a 3.5 acre City of Miami Park in the heart of Liberty City. It is a safe haven for children, youth, young adults, families and mentors to come together in a variety of activities to strengthen the bonds and skills that produce healthy, educated, confident and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

TACOLCY is not just a community center; it is the center of the community.

Its vision is a community vibrant with economic opportunity, safety to play and work, intact families with resilience to overcome challenges, schools that nurture children and teach them how to transform their interests into skills to achieve fulfillment and independence as adults, a reverence for spirit, an appreciation of nature and our impact on the planet, a sense of justice, hope and growth that permits optimism, effort and laughter to pervade its streets and people.

TACOLCY's purpose is to provide the leadership, partnerships, advocacy, programs and services necessary to move the reality of Liberty City increasingly toward this vision.