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About Us

Haitian Higher Education is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization building a University Campus in Haiti, "FORGES UNIVERSITY" "UNIVERSITE FORGES", providing a continuous education degree programs, and supporting high school graduates and qualified adults desiring a higher education.

Vision This Organization exists for the sole purpose of building a College-University Campus in the southern province of Les Cayes, Haiti: "Forges University", "Universite Forges" similar to those of USA, France and Canada.

This University will offer its students a quality education; prepare young men and women as tomorrow's leaders and achievers; through a Christ centered focus, bring religious, economic, social and political reforms to Haiti.

This University will structure and offer a unique educational program: organized by college (e.g Arts and Sciences); opportunity for students to study for advanced degrees; offering a post-graduate degree programs; pursuing higher standards of excellence in the government and business communities; encourage students to assume community leadership in religious, social and political affairs.