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Pakistan Christian Peace Foundation


Pakistan Christian Peace Foundation (PCPF) is an International, Inter denominational, Non-Governmental, Non-profitable organization working for the environment, youth and Enhancement of education, Health care, Women Development and Food programs for the poor and needy deserving community in Pakistan. PCPF is the Non-governmental organization based in Rawalpindi- Pakistan established in December 1994 and registered with the Government of Pakistan under Social Act 21 of 1860. Our committed people comprise of young and educated professionals, working devotionally for the whole community.

PCPF has been setup for the betterment and good future of the Christian Community and the voiceless Pakistanis. Majority of Christian Community is poor and because of poverty they cannot afford the upbringing expenses of their children regarding Education, Health and Standard Food. The committed people of this Christian Ministry (PCPF) decided to work for those people who are powerless and are worried about the future of their next generations. Right from the beginning, PCPF has been focusing on:

1. To educate the people and save the community and their future, 2. To provide the health care and food for the deserving people in the different slum areas of Pakistan. 3. To provide vocational training in different professional and technical fields to cut down unemployment among the unemployed community members. 4. To communicate with the other organizations, which are working with dedication to achieve their noble aims, regarding social development and improvement of community as whole.

PCPF is a voice for the voiceless in Pakistan. PCPF Motto is!"SPEAKE FOR THOSE WHO CAN NOT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES".

Pakistan Christian Peace Foundation can also understand the status of Christian’s women/girls and children in Pakistan. PCPF is also working to seek for the available resources and making of plans, to improve their status in society. Pakistan Christian Peace Foundation helps the children (fatherless) in need who have no support in the world, and no source to run their life. On the base to work on Child Abuse, PCPF works for Identification, Intervention and Prevention. At present, PCPF is helping 135 street children in their education and lodging. PCPF Board of Directors, governing body, youth members (men/women), volunteers, and staff members are committed and hard working. Pakistan Christian Peace Foundation will achieve its mission through non-political, non-religious, non-racial, non-ethnic, democratic, transparent, and commitment driven approach.

The Aims and Objectives

The Aims and Objectives for which the PCPF is established for:

1.To create an awareness of education among the deprived communities to develop respectable and better living standards and think for a bright future.

2.To establish vocational institution and sponsor short-term professional courses especially for people/Christian women and girls residing in rural and remote areas for promotion income generating capacity. The main object is being to resolve the problem of unemployment and making them skilled persons.

3.To arrange establish, support and subscribe various programs aiming at promoting rate of literacy. To achieve this objective institutions departing education may be established: workshops and seminars may be arranged and sponsored.

4.To contribute to grassroots development with education, research and development and the protection of natural resources and their ecosystems in order to defeat poverty in Pakistan.

5.To undertake support and subsidize measures programs and plans for reducing and eradicating pollution and improving environment.

6.To support establish and subsidize various programs and institutions catering to the hygienic and health requirements by encouraging persons from medical profession to serve the, mankind and also setting up clinics and dispensaries for deserving peoples On no profit bases.

7.To provide services in the field of computer by educating in this field.

8.To remove the hunger and promote the agriculture development for poor and needy Christians of Pakistan.

9.To guide, support and encourage youth to work for their development at particular places in Pakistan. We are also trying to work for the betterment of the youths of our country and for this very purpose we are educating the people at grass root level and making them aware that owing to lack of basic education they are being exploited by various groups, organizations and even the local Mafia for their own ulterior motives. Illiteracy is the main cause of their miserable conditions. 10.To motivate the people for cultivation of land. For this we arrange seminars and workshops for them. 11. To make various plans for the progressive betterment of society and organization. On Going Functions “Pakistan Christian Peace Foundation”

PCPF is engaged in the following noble activities for the uplift of the under privileged communities in Pakistan.Under mentioned is the brief account of some projects run by PCPF.


To create an awareness of education among the deprived communities to develop respectable and better living standards and think for a bright future. Pakistan Christian Peace Foundation is achieving its goal to promote the education. In our Education program We provide all necessary needs and assistance to helpless and needy children i.e. all sort of help to get admission in schools and colleges and assist them in form of monthly fees, uniforms text books and stationary, pick and drop facility to the student.

At present PCPF is supporting the 135 street children for their education and 250 students in different schools of Rawalpindi, Pasrur, Sialkot, Wahcantt and Lahore. By the Grace of God PCPF is now running the Eight Free tuition centers, Four Primary Schools and One High school in the Rawalpindi (twin city of Islamabad). PCPF is running the educational projects in the different slum areas where the need is much appreciated.

Food and Agriculture Development Program:

Although Pakistan is basically agricultural country and 80% people are currently working, occupied in the agriculture field. There are many people who are working in the field of agriculture for them but it is very difficult for them keep both ends meet. After a team-survey of PCPF we initially started this program to provide the food for deserving community. Agriculture is an integral part of Culture as a whole! Agriculture is feeding a number of industries likes textile mills, flour mills, sugar mills, oil mills and cigarette Factories, i.e. these industries are based on agricultural produce of cotton, wheat, sugarcane, beans, and tobacco, respectively. Pakistan is already concentrating on good quality and higher agricultural production of these cash crops. We still need to do a lot in this sector. Under food and agricultural development program; PCPF finds the land and cultivates it with different cash crops with the help of well established/rich families and devoted youth. Through this program PCPF is also contributing to provide jobs to the jobless young people. PCPF provides food to the deserving /poor families within its capacity. The Foundation is running food supply projects in three villages of District Sialkot; which are called PCPF shelter houses. These slum areas are suffering from a high ratio of Poor families. Health care Program:

Pakistan is one of those countries where a large number of communities including minorities are deprived of most of the basic needs such as proper food, clothing and shelter. This directly affects the health of these communities and gives rise to health care problems. One of our basic aims is that we arrange for the medical facility to the deserving and the poor who cannot afford the expenses for their medical treatment. PCPF provides free medicines and treatment to the poor and needy people at its health care clinics in the slum areas of wahcantt, Faisalabad and Islamabad.

For sustainability PCPF have the two more clinics from where we charge nominal fees from the people who can pay; and use this amount for the needy and deserving people. PCPF is running the three medical clinics, mentioned earlier, on the non-profit base. We also organize free medical camps in different urban and rural areas where the medical facility is not available and the community is an immediate need of such facility. The medical graduates and volunteer staff are participating enthusiastically in these medical camps.

Women Development Program:

Pakistan Christian Peace Foundation has 410 general members, where registered number of women is 175. PCPF provides a good opportunity for these registered females to perform more effective role for the different problems of the women and their gradual social development throughout the whole community. We help socially, morally and economically the widows, divorcees, and wives of the disabled persons, we are also arranging for these women’s vocational training in different institutes of the country. We also have started the vocational institute for the Christian women and young girls for making them skilled for the betterment of their future.

By the grace of the God we have Four vocational centers, in different rural areas and two are working in the urban areas of Punjab province. From these projects PCPF is able to give the employment to the unemployed young women/girls, so that they can work, learn and earn to supplement the income of their family.

Board of Directors Pakistan Christian Peace Foundation Rawalpindi-Pakistan