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About Us

We are the first Roma Ecolofical Organization and youth activity " ROMANE "found in 12.06.200 from Macedonia which is indepedent citizens and non-governemental also non-profitable organization what works on motivation and development of the ecological conscience and solving the problems of the ecological nature, keeping and promotion also protection of environment and development of the ecological conscience of the population. We have 270 members from little till old ages and every day the numebr of members is raising.

Program attribution of Ecological Organization " ROMANE " are bazed upon:

Values on protection of Biological balance and protection and promotion of environment Development and education to get healthy ecological food Development of Organic Agriculture Plan and strategy for development of rural areas and elaboration for ecological arangement of newfounded municipalities Acting for possible ecological incidents Information of the public Organizing art colonies in rpimary and secondary schools Organizing seminars, eco-forums, tribines, manifestation and e.t.c Protection of Biodiversity Human Rights Education and e.t.c. Also the Ecological Organization " ROMANE " is engage in the population for healthy food without pesticide and artificially manuring and maintain development, that is from especially importance for the health of the population and from ecological caracter also.

Projects till now (financed by our side without any donation or sponsorships)

Art colonie in primary school " Jane Sandanski " – Skopje (50 PARTICIPANT we reward them with notebooks, pencils, paints, drawing blocks, certificate for attending the art colonie and e.t.c.) Organize free turnires in football, basketball and ping pong Organize manigestation in occasion 21th Mart – Ecology Day Organize manifestation in occasion 22nd April – Planet Earth Day Organize manifestation in occasion 5th June – World Ecology Day Organize excursions in the City Park, Hippodrome, Mountains Visiting the ZOO AND Natural Scientific Museum Tribines for stengthening of Roma people conscience what is " ECOLOGY" and protection of environment. Eco actions in municipalities where Roma and laso other nation live All this projects we financed from our membership money, We are the first Roma Ecological Organization " ROMANE " from Skopje – R. Macedonia,We are open for cooperation with every Government and nongovernment organization

We are very thankfull for your cooperation and assistance.

Best Regards


Prezident of The First Roma Ecological Organization " ROMANE "

Mr. Miljaim Kariman

E –mail:

Tel: ++389 70 514 941

Str: 377 No: 11

1000 – Skopje

Republic of Macedonia