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About Us

Now It's Your Turn Foundation hosts,supports,and provides funding to various community service events and organizations with the goal of empowering ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Join us for our next event!

Now It's Your Turn (NIYT) is a not-for-profit foundation that provides a platform for its members to get involved in various community service events. We strive to bring together a unified team of volunteers to address the many needs of the community. Our organization is looking for dedicated volunteers to join us now.

Another goal of our foundation is to inspire a movement of change within each individual. We have printed out thousands of "Now It's Your Turn" cards to serve as a catalyst for this movement. The purpose of the card is to inspire a person, from a neighbor to a stranger, to conduct a random act of kindness for someone else. When the act of kindness is completed the individual who has performed the act will pass the card along to that person, with the hope that he or she will continue the chain. On every card there will be a simple set of instructions on what to do with your card, along with our website address, and an individual tracking number. Our hope is that once you receive the card, you will log on to our website, and use this tracking number to tell us about something great that someone has done for you. The goal of the card in conjunction with the website is to be able to create a living testimony of all the good deeds inspired by the organization's movement for a global partnership. Even if internet access is unavailable to you, we hope these cards are passed forward with the same idea in mind of lending a helping hand to a person in need. We hope to see thousands of acts of kindness throughout the country and even throughout the world one good deed at a time.