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Elim Wells School

Bungoma, 900, Kenya
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About Us

Motto: "Education is the foundation of life"

Mission: To provide quality and excellent education for the present and future generations through discipline and hard work.

Vision: To raise virtuous men and women of integrity. Goal and Objectives

The project envisages one principal goal of establishing educational facilities in Elim Wells School to cater for the increased number of enrollments. These are in: classrooms, kitchen, administration block and an income generating activity to ensure sustainability.


Elim Wells School was established with the following objectives:-

(a). To provide high value but affordable education to the rural children within Kabula and Bungoma County in general.

(b). To provide facilities which and promote increase in literacy within the rural populations within Kabula and Bungoma County.

(c). To promote the education of the girl child by making a fellowship and counseling available within the institution.

(d). To avail highly trained teachers and initiate exchange programme with volunteers within and out of the country.

(e). To promote the education of the vulnerable; girl child orphans among other by establishing specialized programmes for the same.

(f). To initiate and maintain a Christian foundation to children hence instill in them moral values that can enable them mature into adults with integrity.

(g). To increase information on education and environmental conservation to the youth and students enrolled within the center.

Where we are located....

Elim Wells School is located at Kabula Bungoma County. It is a privately run school that currently host over 250 students.

The school strives to ensure the community can access quality education at a low cost as possible.

The school currently has classes from 1 through 8 but has facilities that are grossly overstretched the need expansion.

The school also serves children from poor and disadvantaged groups within the community.

They include students single parents and some are even total orphans. Most of the children have nutritional problems and rely on the feeding programme undertaken by the school.

Also many students cannot afford school fees which is reasonably hosted.

Where we came from...

Elim Wells School started in the year 2002. Since then the school has grown to have over 250 children. From its humble beginning the school has expanded to one with classes 1 to 8 this year, inclusive of its infant or nursery unit.

The growth of the school has also brought about emerging issues where lack of classrooms and accompanying infrastructure feature prominently.

The school is also located in an environment of poverty stricken residents hence bringing an issue of non-payment of fees to the fore.

The land in which the school is situated is also small a big limitation to the growth of the important facility. Some of the students also have to walk for long distances to and fro the school.

This presents a problem in fulfilling the feeding programme since funds are limiting.

There is therefore need for resources to be used to expand the physical facilities of this school; classrooms, desk/chairs, kitchen and dining hall so as to provide a conducive and enabling environment to the students.

The school is registered and licensed by the relevant authorities and provides the community with an opportunity for education.

Hence the need to put in resources to improve and better its environment of operation.

In order to fulfill this critical dream resources and finances are required to construct classrooms, purchase furniture, books and also provide feeding services.

The need of Elim Wells School...

Bungoma County faces a number social-economic obstacles that can mainly be addressed through the educational programmes.

These include:-

(a). A high illiteracy rate coupled with poverty has resulted in, underdevelopment and very few schools are meeting the growing population.

(b). A high dropout rate – especially for girls due to pregnancy. Boys dropout to work in the sugar plantations that are located nearby.

(c). Poor and negative altitudes that originate from outdated customs and traditions that end up muzzling educational efforts.

(d). Few reliable income generating activities that have lead to escalating poverty levels within the County.

This has also lead to increased social vices such as prostitution and crime resulting in increase in H.I.V/AIDS cases

Motto: "Education is the foundation of life"

Mission: To provide quality and excellent education for the present and future generations through discipline and hard work.

Vision: To raise virtuous men and women of integrity. Goal and…

Areas of Focus Include

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  • Box 2473
    Bungoma, 900 50200

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