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About Us

Mishkenot Yerushalaim, Home for Disabled People P.O.Box 8447 Gonen, Jerusalem 91083 ISRAEL


Our home is located in southwest Jerusalem in the middle of the Old Talpiot neighborhood.


There are presently 20 residents residing in the home, ranging in age from40-70 years old. The majority of the residents are confined to wheelchairs and need help with daily life activities. They have physical disabilities and some have limited mental development as well.

Work Description

Volunteers primarily assist the residents with daily needs by providing physical care and mainly morale support. Activities include helping out of bed, showering, using the toilet, dressing/undressing clothing, and serving food. Volunteers also accompany residents to the supermarket, bank, clinic, hospital, park etc. Occasionally volunteers may go with residents on shopping trips, out for coffee, to a movie, to visit their family, or to take a mini-vacation.

Work Hours

There are 4 shifts available: 06:00-14:00, 07:00-15:00, 12:00-200:00 and 14:00-22:00. Shifts may be assigned as to where volunteers are needed the most. Volunteers work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Volunteers also get two 15 minute breaks on a shift as well as 30 minutes for lunch and 30 minutes for dinner.


Male volunteers stay in a large dorm room at the end of one of the wards. Female volunteers live in a private apartment which is attached to the main residence. The living room and kitchen in the apartment are for all the volunteers to enjoy, both male and female. Food

Lunch and dinner are served daily at the Ma’on. Food is supplied to the volunteers for them to make their own breakfast.


In case of an emergency at the residence, a volunteer may be asked to accompany a resident to the hospital outside of his/her shift.

Important Thing to Bring to Israel

1. Medical insurance. 2. Medical note indicating good health and no back nor heart problems. 3. At least one reference from your last employer or school.

Additional Info

Ma’on San Simon will provide volunteers with sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, coffee, tea, sugar, milk, cleaning supplies, laundry soap and much more. Laundry machines are also available.

Volunteers can also use the services of onsite nurses and a doctor free of charge.

Ma’on San Simon is located in a historic building and has a very peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. All in all the work can be very enjoyable and rewarding. Ofra Gur-Ary Social worker Volunteers Coordinator



Ma`on San Simon Home for Disabled People Gonen, P.O.B 8447 Jerusalem 91073, Israel E-MAIL: VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM Name____________ Passport____NATIONALITY____ Address______________________ Fax____ Telephone______ Place of Birth____Date of Birth_/_/ Marital Status_________ EDUCATION High School___________ Address____________ College___________ Years____________ Address____________ University___________ Years____________ Subject and Degree_________ Other____________ [Vocational,Post-Graduate,SpecializedCourses,etc.] Knowledge of Languages______ Proffession/Occupation_______ EMPLOYMENT & EXPERIENCE (including Volunteer Activity) Place Period Type of Work ___ ___ __ ___ ___ __ ___ ___ __ ___ ___ __ DESIRED PERIOD _/_/ _/_/ MOTIVES FOR VOLUNTEERING______ ______________________ REFERENCES-NAMES and ADDRESSES (at least 2) ______________________________________________________ I hereby declare that all the information given above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and I agree to volunteer for the service out line on the basis of the information given to me. ________ Signature