Holistic Teen Parenting 2000 tm, Inc.

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About Us

HTP 2000TM is a nonprofit community based organization addressing the circumvention of pre-mature, first, second and subsequent pregnancies with adolescents and teenagers within the age groups of 10 to 19; be maternal and paternal. As we mention Holistic we are speaking of Service Delivery Systems affecting the life source of our youth and their families, be it home,schools, businesses, religious institutions, community organizations,governing system etc. This way, their whole surroundings of services are covered as a viable part of their decision-making skills.

To be more effective we built a resistance to the contributing factors by infusing into all systems i.e. family, community, school, businesses, religious institutions, peers and community, with a change in the governing system. In this system we are addressing individual needs with accountability and results.

Contributing factors include yet not limited to:

• Living Environments • Cultural Influences • Social Environmental Stress • Organic Factors • Lack of Opportunity • Family Dysfunction • Early childhood abuses

The Service Delivery Strategies used to achieve the Goals and Objectives of this project are:

An “INSTRUCTIONAL SHOWCASE HOME and DROP-IN CENTER” hands on with a model living environment focusing on; Case management, Home visits, Counseling, Career Development, Instructional Hands on working sessions, Linkages to Community Service Providers, Transportation and a “Holistic Advisory Council” on Circumventing Adolescent Teen Pregnancies and Family Mortalities.