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Description of Youth Environmental NGO „SalvaEco”

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Youth Environmental NGO „SalvaEco” represent a voluntary, nongovernmental, independent, nonpolitical and nonprofit association that is created in base of free asociation of citizens from Republic of Moldova. The major objective is environmental improoving, public information about real environmental situation, education of young generatin in ecological spirit and propagation of national values and heritages. It was created by a group of protestors against intention of construction of 2 nuclear reactors at Rivne and Khmelnitsk, Ukraine. NGO was created at 4th of January 1999 and registered at 12 of May 1999 at Ministry of Justice of Republic of Moldova with number 0987. At the moment SalvaEco has 35 volunteer members. Some of our activities would be described below:

Present projects:

o Clean Up the World;

o Development of Environmental Portal “Environment Beginning Here - as an International Environmental Portal;

o International Day of Ozone Layer;

o Sociological investigation “In a town without a car”;


o Protest “Say NO to Nuclear Waste Transit”;

o Protest “Rosia Montana is in DANGER”;

o SalvaEco Database.

Project “Rivers Has NO Borders”

3 main activities based on water problems and citizens involvement in this field. First is a contest of essay named “Rivers Has NO Borders”, second is clean up of “Surprise” cave and river Nistru affiliated territories and third is contest of letters to local public administration “water is a problem, how to solve it”. Project supported by Earth Day Network and financed by Green Grant Fond.

Ecotopia 2003 in Ukraine

14 persons, members of “SalvaEco” TEAM taken part in to international environmental campus ECOTOPIA that took place in Ukraine between 18 August and 3 of September 2003. See foto:

International Camp at Sakharna monastery

Environmental campus with international participation at monastery from Sakharna village, Rezina district. 17 volunteers have clean up and arranged territory together with the monks from Sakharna monastery. Also would be organized trips to neighborhood heritage places and games.

The mesmerizing of Sadova Village

2 expedition to Sadova village from Criuleni and making photo for Environmental Portal and development of tourism in this zone, description of visited areas.

International Protest “Say NO to Nuclear Wastes Transit”

SalvaEco Team together with National Anti Nuclear Transit Committee in March of 2003 has organized a protest against decision to sign the quadripartite agreement (between Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Russia) about transiting of nuclear wastes through territory of Republic of Moldova. SalvaEco has collect 500 signatures on the internet and 40 NGO from all around the world and 10 national uphold the action. Details at:

Seminars for volunteers

At February of 2003 where organized 2 seminars for volunteers and members with topics “Management of Environmental NGO” and “Environmental Resources on the internet”. Beside SalvaEco Team in this seminars took part the members of NGO “RESOURCES”.

Also in 16-17 of May 2001 about 24 SalvaEco members benefit from other 2 seminars on Management and financing of NGO.

International Protest “Last Chance For Danube River”

Beginning with October of 2002 SalvaEco Team has adjoined to International Protest “Last Chance For Danube River”. The protest was against decision of Ukrainian executive to section delta of Danube Reservation to build the navigating channel. Against this decision have signed about 600 international NGOs. SalvaEco has placed an Internet list to collect signatures and it sign about 300 persons. Details at:

SalvaEco in Cluj, Romania

During August of 2002 Tatiana Marcu, member of SalvaEco board has involved in international project „Habitat for Humanity”.

Environmental Hour

At 19 of September 2002 SalvaEco members and volunteers has organize Environmental Hour together with Chisinau Branch of Environmental Movement of Moldova (ChBEMM) and Environmental Ministry with theme “Sustainable Development”. It was organize at “V. Alexandri”, Lyceum „Prometeu”, Agrarian Theoretical Lyceum and Real Lyceum. From this lessons have benefit 450 students.

Environmental PORTAL

At 25th of June 2002 was officially launched Environmental PORTAL named called “ENVIRONMENT BEGINNING HERE = WWW.SALVAECO.ORG” where you can find different useful information about environment in general, news from Romania, Moldova and abroad, rare plants from spontaneous flora of Republic of Moldova, rare insects, environmental legislation, founds and financing institutions, forum of discussions, full information about SalvaEco Team. All members and volunteers have their personalized Email. During one year portal created by SalvaEco took 3 international awards. You can contact us at:

Expedition to Capriana 2002

5 members of SalvaEco have visited the monastery from Capriana village. During 3 days, 5-7 of July of 2002 has visited the spring Capriana, has organized training of orientation in space. Have done schemes of affiliated zones.

Project “Rose Valley the Park of Your Dream”

Project it is a complex of activities of restoration, reconstruction and improvement of Park “Rose Valley” in period of June –July 2002. SalvaEco Team has organize such activities like park promotion action (start with 3 of June) also publicity campaign during the project period, web page with week update (4 of June), , placement of 10 bench in the park (8 of June), placement of 15 garbage containers (12 of June), partial restoration of 4 springs (14 of June), publishing of poster (14 of June), reparation of 3 bridges (16 of June). Financing were institution UNDP Moldova.

The highest pitch from Moldova

On 18 - 20 of May 2002 were organized an expedition at the higher pitch from Republic of Moldova called Balaneshti with 428 meters. It were placed the flag of SalvaEco. Where visited and evaluated from touristy importance point of view affiliated areas. The route is Calarashi => Podul Lung => Novaci => Peticeni => Valcinets => Balaneshti around 30 kilometers. Big erosion is situated in neighborhood of Gaureni village, which has a nice view. The massive that is situated between Gaureni – Temeliutsi – Valcinets villages is wonderful and distinctive. If you want to visit these places you can contact us for details.

Earth Day

NGO “SalvaEco” is member of National and International Committee Earth Day. It take active part into ED activities during 1999-2003 years. In each year where organized about 16 activities.

Excursion for students and pupils

At 14 of April 2002 were organized an excursion at “Surprise” cave from Criuleni town, Republic of Moldova. About 22 persons from Ialoveni town took part in this activity. There was an hour about cave, history, local importance and ways of protection. At the end of activity were clean up the territory.

Also many others expeditions was organized, about 15. The beneficiaries was children, pupils, students, members of different environmental NGOs and not only. Such expedition took place at 11 of November 2000 (25 of volunteers); 25 of May; 3 of July; 12 of September 2001; 17 of June 2002 and 27 of May 2003 (with 28 volunteers).

Expedition “Iadul Vesel 2001” (green underworld)

18 members of SalvaEco took part in this camping of 7 days. The route was traced by steps, about 130 kilometers, from Jabca to Sakharna and Tsypova.

Car Free Day 2001

At 21st of April 2001 were organized Car Free Day which include many activities publicity and promotion of this event, drawing contest on the road, photo exhibition. In eight pints of Chisinau were evaluate bad impact of transport on the environment of city.

11 collectives from Chisinau schools took part in Environmental Spectacles “We and Nature” at 18 of April 2001. The activities were organized together with Environmental Association of Youth and Children with support of Municipal Environmental Fund.

All details at:

Planting „SalvaEco”

It were planted an alley of about 150 trees of red oaks in Park Ryshkani financed by and together with association of Green Space of Ryshkani district from Chisinau city. The action was done together with Lyceum “Prometheus”, about 30 persons.

Expedition "Sakharna-Tipova"

Through this expedition SalvaEco has evaluated the situation of Sakharna and Tsypova Reservation. The expedition took place at 21-22 of October 2002.

"Expedition Bac-2000"

Between 10 and 20 of September 2000 "SalvaEco" members together with ChBEMM took place in evaluation of water sources from Bic river water resources, inspections of economical institutions, taking probes and many other activities of investigation.

Project "Environmental Calendar - 2000"

It consists from editing of 500 calendars with environmental pictures of children that was selected after the contest.

Street action “Say NO to K2/R4”

It was organized a sociological investigation and after a protest against decision of ERBD to finance building of 2 nuclear station at Rivne and Khmelnitsk from Ukraine. The action was at international level and Moldova send to London about 500 of signatures against the intention. It begins at 14 of December 1998. The decision to do not finance was taken in September of 1999. Photo at:

Expedition to Orheiul Vechi

It was an expedition of evaluation and description of natural monuments and heritage from Trebujeni willage, district Orhei. It took place from 9 of June 1999

Member of national committee:

1. Member of National Anti Nuclear Transit Committee 2. Member of Earth Day National Committee 3. International Voluntary Association, AVI-MD, Moldova

Member of international committee:

1. Bank Watch, Europe 2. International Earth Day Committee 3. International Car Free Day Committee 4. Ecoport-NEWS, Rusia 5. Clean Up the World

Collaboration at national level:

1. Environmental Movement, Moldova 2. Chisinau Branch of Environmental Movement of Moldova 3. Environmental Association of Youth and Children 4. Green Wave, Moldova 5. Ecosfera, Moldova 6. Environmental Camp, Moldova 7. NGO „BIOM”, Moldova 8. Zoological Association, Republic of Moldova 9. Contact Center, Moldova 10. Orange Net

Collaboration at international level:

11. Foundation of Development of Civil Society, Bucharest, Romania 12. Youth For Nature, Timisoara, Romania 13. Ecodefence, Russia 14. Ecotopia International 15. Green Peace, Romania

Collaboration with magazines:

16. Magazine „NATURA”, Moldova 17. Magazine „ALTERNATIVE”, Moldova 18. Magazine „Perspective”, Romania 19. Magazine „ACUM”, Romania 20. Magazine “Pescuit in Romania”, Romania

11 of September, 2003

Description of Youth Environmental NGO „SalvaEco”

(Plans, Activities, Projects, Networks, Partners)

Youth Environmental NGO „SalvaEco” represent a voluntary, nongovernmental, independent, nonpolitical and nonprofit association that is…

Issue Areas Include

  • Housing & Homelessness
  • Mental Health
  • Prison Reform


  • Chisinau 2009

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