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Human Rights and Advocacy Network for Democracy(HAND)


Human Rights and Advocacy Network for Democracy (HAND) is a network of grassroots organizations, managed by and for Darfuris and operating in Darfur proper. Established in February 2010, HAND aims at improving the lives of youth, women and children through promoting Human Rights; vocational training; capacity building; reconciliation and basic health care including AIDS awareness. Educated young Darfuris work as volunteers to implement the themes of HAND. The network comprises nine local Darfuris NGOs: Darfur Democratic Forum (DDF), Darfur Organizations Network for Education (DONE); Darfur Artists Union (DAU); Darfur International Socio-development Agency (DISA); Peace Youth Association (PYA) and PATCH Sudan organization.

Numerous Darfuris organizations in the Diaspora, unions of teachers, youth and women associations and associations in IDP camps in Darfur, and Darfuri experts have indicated that they are willing to giving advice and other support to develop and direct future projects of HAND.

HAND partners are registered as local NGOs, having secured in the course of 2006 and 2009 registration with the Humanitarian Affairs Commission (HAC) in all three Darfur States and in Khartoum. Given its geographical isolation, HAND is networking and doing advocacy work inside and outside Darfur proper.


The mission of HAND is to improve the Human Rights in Darfur - and give the civilians hope for a better future - through reporting Human Rights violations, advocacy, promote democracy and rule of law, vocational training, decreasing tribal tensions, capacity building, awareness raising, HIV and peace building. HAND aims to focus in particular on the areas where there is difficult access in Darfur or areas which because of the security situation have not witnessed any activities.

The original idea of HAND was conceived by grass roots organisations in way back in 2005 when groups of Darfur youths associations started campaigns aimed at supporting civilians in so called ‘grey zones’, those who have were blocked in IDPs and the refugees camps that could not be reached due to poor security situation. Over the years member organisations of HAND managed to obtain on a limited scale funding to carry out its activities. HAND activities were the first examples of humanitarian efforts by Darfuri youth groups working in the grey areas in Darfur.


HAND is going to work on the following themes:

  • Protection of Children, Youths, IDPs and Women in Darfur

During the past six years when civil raged in Darfur protection sector in particular was severely affected by continues violations .Approximately 81% children in the rural areas are no longer able to get basic education due to the ongoing war, massive destruction, lack of financial support and instability in the region. Wide scale rape cases are threatening the future of women’s role in peace, and increases all kind of violence against them. 75% of the arm carriers in Darfur are youth and children in the ages between 13 - 22 years. Protection is giving hope and opportunities for the young generations to raise their voices and yet to start their lives normally after the war. The hopelessness, jobless and the lack of educational opportunities push the young people in Darfur to carry arms, loot, rape and kill. Therefore, our theme is to ‘Feed the Minds today to stop the war tomorrow’.

Capacity Building of young generation

HAND plays a very important role in capacity building of young generation in Darfur through the project that has been implemented by HAND Partners before (scholarship for Darfur students, midwives training, peace building, reporting, rule of law and reconciliation). Through the efforts of the young generations HAND is building several projects including providing reporters to fill the gap in the human rights process in Darfur, end the exploitation of children and women, observe the human rights situation, assist in addressing the tribal clashes and raising awareness.

  • Peace Building, Justice and Democracy

HAND is planning to play an important role in human rights reporting and reconciliation activities targeting local communities and tribes through grass-roots projects. Working with the people affected (directly or indirectly) by the military operations, the victims of violence, looting activities, the traumatized and the other victims of sexual harassment, human rights violations, in addition to harmonizing the communities in the region. The theme of HAND is to ‘help all the reachable victims disregard to race, believes, sex or concepts in Darfur region’. Different trainings (long term) will be provided to young students in transitional justice, leaderships, conflict resolutions persuasion, democracy, human rights and rural developments to enable young generation playing an important role in reconciliation workshops targeting tribal leaders and setting reconciliation conferences.

Human Rights and Advocacy Network for Democracy(HAND)


Human Rights and Advocacy Network for Democracy (HAND) is a network of grassroots organizations, managed by and for Darfuris and operating in Darfur proper…

Areas of Focus Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Poverty
  • Women


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