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Sinza "A" PLOT NO: 529
kinondoni District


About Us

Community Poverty Reduction and Environment Conservation Trust (COPRECOT) is a Tanzanian not for profit, non-governmental organisation working to preserve nature and empowering the poor to break through the vicious cycle of poverty and hunger.

The organisation was registered under the parliament Act (Cap.318 RE 2002) on 16th March 2009, given a certificate of incorporation no: 3643.

The organisation is run by the Board of trustees (four ladies and eight men) and 16 corporate members. The members are of diverse specialisations, ranging from Administrators, Community development specialists, Vets and agriculturalists etc.

Since its foundation, COPRECOT has been involved in projects that empowers the poor to reduce poverty and adapt to the changing climate. Currently a Dairy goat project –run on a revolving loan bases is being implemented in Bunda district. Funded by ORSKOV foundation of Scotland, the Dairy goat project aims to improve food security and livelihood of the local community since the keeping of large herds of cattle as the situation used to be in the past is no longer possible due to severe shortage of water and pasture caused by extended draught season.

The Youth Empowerment Centre is also being established in the district. The centre’s major objective is to create employment and sources of income to the youth through provision of trade courses eg. Carpentry, tailoring, computer application skills etc. Once income status of the youth is improved, this will help reduce the scale of game poaching, forest destruction due to charcoal trade. Also to benefit from the centre mentioned above are orphans, disabled, help- less girls dropping from schools etc.

Communities living near the centre will benefit from the internet services to improve communication (send and receive emails), increase accessibility for information on climate change, enabling farmers to access better agricultural markets and sources where to buy inputs, enabling the youth to persue online professional courses etc.

Other work that COPRECOT is doing is improving blood quality of indigenous cattle breeds through Artificial Insemination services (AI) – the idea is to get a breed that produces more milk, meat and which grows quickly to bring beautiful income to the poor quickly.

COPRECOT is also empowering the poor to move from use of hand hoe for crop cultivation to the use of draught power to increase size of cultivated land for maximum food production.

Empowering villages located near lake Victoria achieve maximum food production through medium scale irrigation schemes is also one of the work the organisation is currently undertaking. Communities are also being enabled to use renewable energy sources so as to protect the forests that the world is currently depending on for mitigation carbon gases