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About Us

ESCORT was started in the year 2004 by a Social worker G.Bala Sundaram at Ponnur with an aim to provide the needy facilities to the people those who are needs of to be comforted. Who were living at below poverty line and especially concentrated on the children education to reduce the child labor. The parents were not aware of the fact that the education is the right of children.

They were worried about income and but not about the future of their children. So G.Bala Sundaram along with his supporters decided to involve mothers also in the welfare of children. But the target people with their children are located near to slums and were often hit by cyclones and floods. Considering all these things the ESCORT has elaborated and opened its wings in the developmental activities and framed it’s Aims &Objectives in various fields. Since then on wards with dedication and servicing motto it is moving with success in implementing the welfare activities and awareness programs on burning issues in the society.

It is in the front row to serve the needy and poor people. It is also participating in different programs conducted by the Govt. ESCORT has got very good track record in implementing the many programs since its establishment onwards. Here are the achievements in various fields.