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Indian Christian Orphan Social Work Home

visakhapatnam, India
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INDIAN CHRISTIAN ORPHAN SOCIAL WORK HOME is registered body with Regd.No. {Act (If so give the Regd. No. and date) : No. XXI 1860, Regd. No.61-79}



1. The Indian Christian Orphan Social Work Home was started in the year 1979. The Christian Orphan Social Work Home is working till now by the help of some of the Donors and individual maintainers. But few years back, the State Government i.e. Government of Andhra Pradesh (A state in India) has sanctioned the aid towards the running the Homes which are under our Control. The State Government suddenly stopped the aid towards the Social Work Homes in Andhra Pradesh due to the lack of fund in TREASURY. After stopped the grant from the State Govt., we duly running the Homes by the help of some donors namely 1. GADE CHINA VENKANNA and G.VENKATAREDDY (LandLords and residents of THUBADU village, Nadendla Mandal, Guntur District, A.P. S.India). After their sudden demise, the above said Homes have been maintaining some sympathies from Visakhapatnam with their moral support about said organization shifted from Tubadu to Visakhapatnam.

The home established at Vudacolony Pedagantyada Visakhapatnam-44 pertaining to the 1. Orphanage 2. Aged 3. Widowed/divorced aged persons 4. Poor and destitute Children. Due to the lack of financial assistance and severe and drastic conditions of monsoons the donors and wealthy persons and some of the riots have been stopped their assistance towards the Home support. Due to these circumstances, we are very backward to maintaining these three homes since four or five years. We severally requested our Governments both Central and State, but they are unable to give the aid to the SOCIAL WORK HOMES in Andhra Pradesh.

The main aim of our Association is to keep the oldage persons and separated persons from their grievances and helping them in the grounds of SOCIALASTIC condition. To give the good and prosperous life to the Orphanage those suffering the lack of education and proper care of themselves. The Association have been registered by the State Government Act and taken the registration from the Government. The Committee of the Assn., and the Bye-law copies are with us. The Association being maintaining only for those who suffering from poverty and needy, irrespective of their caste and Creed. The following items of the Aims are being maintaining by our Association is as follows:-

1. EDUCATION: In our district and State, the Education is very low and illiteracy have been considerably increased due to the lack of financial assistance and due to no proper care has to be taken towards the Children. In our country half of the population illiteracy. There is no proper Elementary School, no proper Primary and High Schools, no proper Primary and High Schools. The rural people utilising and becoming their children only for the purpose of labour work. They want good education. The children’s of age-group from 3 years to 6 from 6 to 9 and up to 12 years were joining through our Schools which are being maintaining by us.

2. STAFF: The well-equipped and adequate staff are under our control, they are trained persons of B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education), Secondary and Higher Grade Teachers, having teaching and non-teaching staff towards the taking the care of education to Children.

3. FOOD FOR ORPHANAGE: The Project for the children is giving the good and nutritious food to the children. While they studying and staying in schools and homes they are giving good and nutritious meals. Every Sunday they are giving meat, special dinner. According to their age-group they are given strength and vitalised food.

4. PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES: The Home Children have advised and told them taking and participating regular Physical Exercises every morning in the grounds of Homes. With this purpose they devoted special play-ground towards their games and all other Physical exercises.

5. DEVOTIONAL ACTIVITIES: The Orphanage or the Home Children are allowed every Sunday to have the devotional services and good disciplines and they also taught about the Social Work between poor and needy persons.

6. VOCATIONAL TRAINING : During the Summer season they are allowed to learn such as 1. Sewing, Weaving, making the candles, Can Weaving, Carpentering etc.

7. MEDICAL CARE and hospital

In our project the Medical Care and

Hospitality is one more essential and very important point which we are implementing to our children and age old persons. Particularly the rural and integrated villages are not having proper medical assistance towards their children. In our homes we arranged Hospitals towards the Medical Care of Children.

In our three homes the Supervisory Staff of the hospitals were taken. Doctors, Nurses, Compounders, M.N.As, Ayahs are being serving the poor and destitute children and age old persons. Besides this, they are entitled monthly salaries according to their designations and professions. In our dispensaries all kinds drugs, pills, modern equipment have to be required to take the medical care for the Children. The project is very big one in our district of Andhra Pradesh State.

8. ADULT EDUCATION: Adults are taking care through our homes towards their education. In this, age old persons also advised to take the education. Concerned teachers provided towards their education. The adults informed How to read? How to speak the languages and how to study?. As per the Indian Illiteracy we determined to eradicate the illiteracy in our entire district. The Adult Education is very important to the age old and rural people.


We arranged an Antenatal Clinic for mother and Child care. The special

arrangements have been promoted for unhealthy children and mothers. Taking care about their ill-health and prescribed good medical care.

10. SUPPLY OF MEDICAL AID: In our project we required the following items towards our dispensaries.

1. Construction of Hospitals

2. Well equipped Staff.

3. All kinds of drugs, syrups, Tonics, Injections etc.

4. All kinds of equipment facilities such as Radiology, Scanning Operation theatres E.C.G. etc.

11. LEPROSY PROJECT: Special Care and special rooms have been allotted in our project for Leprosy patients. In our Society the negligence has been extensively spreading for Leprosy. No proper care for Leprosy and Separate Hospitals, Separate Supervisory and concentration. In our Homes there will be separate rooms allotted for Leprosy patients. In this regard, they are given every month relaxation for their grievances, special moving pictures have to be shown them regarding sympathy, Social activities, Compassion on humanitarian services, Co-existence with all kinds of people etc. They are taught "All are equal in the sight of the God". They are given good clothing, Shoes, caps and good physique.

12. FOR BLINDS AND PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED Physically handicapped and blinds were taken place in our project. There is a blind School for blinds, taking special care about their BRAIL script and education. They are introduced to go and participate the RADIO STATION PROGRAMMS such as playing FLUTE, GITAR, HARMONIUM, DRUMS, THABALA etc. They are giving practices in weaving, Radio telephone operations, Computer and telex etc. (All these training have to be depend and sent them outside training centers due to lack of suitable accessories in our institutions). Both physically handicapped and blind persons being controlled by our project.

13. HOUSING SCHEME & SHELTER LESS PERSONS:- In India and in our district, No. of persons are suffering not having atleast for small hut to live and protect their bodies. No. of people staying under the trees and platforms etc. There is no proper shelters to them. In our project we promoting and constructing the good houses to the shelterless persons and making the professional schemes towards their welfare and livelihood.

14. WORKSHOP: - this is pertaining to the Professional training Center for unemployed persons in our Project. The Un-employment is very high. There is no proper recognition for Education. So that the Un-employment is very extensively spreaded all over the country. In this regard we arranged to give the Professional training towards their welfare and making them as a Well-trained persons in the trades of 1. Blacksmithy 2.Carpentering 3.Weaving 4. Engineering (Fitter & Welder, Electrical Wiring). The above said courses were given in the duration of 1 to 3 years according to the profession and trade. After their completion of their trade they are entitled to take the loan under loan under the self-employment Scheme from the Government and put the workshops in various places. During the training period they are given food, clothing, lodging etc. This scheme is developing the Rural and integrated villages prosperous. After their completion of the training they are approached to appear the examinations of the Government conducted in the relevant trades and issuing the Certificates through the Government Examinations.

INDIAN CHRISTIAN ORPHAN SOCIAL WORK HOME is registered body with Regd.No. {Act (If so give the Regd. No. and date) : No. XXI 1860, Regd. No.61-79}



1. The Indian Christian Orphan Social Work Home was started in the year…

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