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About Us

THE MISSION of the nonprofit Career Contender Program is to break down the invisible barriers that our society – and specifically the educational establishment at large - have constructed for students performing marginally or poorly. These barriers serve NO purpose – other than to limit the “At-Risk” Students’ (A.R.S.) potential and their ability to experience personal success.

The educational system does not have the resources or motivation to adequately deal with the difficulties these young Americans are facing in the future. Without the skills, special talents, or the financial ability to realize a High School or a College graduation, these students are headed for disaster. THEY need to become productive citizens. WE need for them to take a positive position within our society - and obtain their share of the American dream.

The important issue of High School graduation, accompanied by a satisfactory level of literacy and academic accomplishment, will only be realized after the student’s recognition of their OWN PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. As a follow-up to that recognition, they MUST be provided with REAL career choices and opportunities – remedial courses, paid internships, paid apprenticeships, training and/or scholarship aid. These tools MUST become part of the educational standard.

Aided by partnerships within the business community, our program will promote the At-Risk Students’ transition from the cycle of repeated failure. WE must allow them dignity, and promote them to become productive citizens. By becoming full participants in our society - and gaining meaningful careers of their own choosing - they will ensure a safe and more stable future for us all.