Round Table - Club 41, Tel Aviv, Israel


20 Passman Street,


About Us

"Round Table Club 41" from Israel is a voulunteeting club of Israeli men, over the age of 41, most of them are "retired" from the Israeli Round Table organization (a world wide organizartion where members have to "retire" at the age of 40 years).

Our club consist of men (most of which are of different occupation-in order to have a full variety of profession in order to be able to extend a wide range of services).

Presently our group is assisting in upkeeping and maintaining a kindergarden in one of Israel's largest hospitals which treats small children (4-8 years old) with severe muscles disfunctions. We are also involved in few other humanitarian ventures and we are constantly trying to collect funds in order to assist us in helping the community in distress which "falls between the chairs" and to bring some smile to their faces.