Community Upliftment Society Nepal

About Us

Community Upliftment Society Nepal (CUS-Nepal) offers volunteering programs in this beautiful country Nepal. Besides volunteering we provide various fields for internship and elective program. Also for the people who are not able to take a part with these programs due to the time constraint we offer them to involve either in a mini adventure or cultural immersion program.

Our mission is to provide and offer opportunities for both locals and international volunteers to interact in development and educational programmes thus enabling them to gain experience and build their capacities for their lives and that of future generations.

We welcome all the people from the globe with strong zeal for volunteering that is the best way to get in touch with different people, culture, nature, languages etc. Since the inception of CUS-Nepal has worked with almost all aged people some of them were very seniors aged. However they had a wonderful experience that is never forgotten in their life.