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About Us

Give.Be.Grow (GBG)

Give.Be.Grow rests on the premise that young people are a respectable, concerned, powerful, yet under- utilized force in their community. The project views young people as assets to be developed (not problems who need fixing), who have the time, ideas, creativity, connections in the community, and willingness to work hard in order to help themselves and others. Providing them with support and encouragement, experience and skills, Give.Be.Grow endeavors to demonstrate that young people, given the chance can be strong and positive change agents, playing a meaningful role in meeting community needs.

Give.Be.Grow will engage young adults in direct social action to enlighten, educate, motivate and empower. The youth body will address various issues in the community such as poverty, drugs, lack of resources, self awareness, and gentrification, problems that accompany drugs such as the devaluation of community, vandalism, and physical pollution.

Through Give.Be.Grow we want to play a meaningful role in meeting some of these needs and address some of these issues in our community by offering services that are badly needed and will impact the community.

Adapting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s teachings of a "Beloved Community," Give.Be.Grow plans to develop a nurturing community where members of the community unite collectively and have the ability to directly affect their community using affirmative means.

Give.Be.Grow is about young adults creating changes in their community through community service and social entrepreneurship. The mission of this project is to be a "factory for future leaders" and produce well-rounded, socially aware individuals.