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universal Triumvirate Group

Mission Statement

What is the Universal Triumvirate Group?

The Universal Triumvirate is a non-profit organization with a mission to assist the families and individuals who cannot afford common living here in the United States. We are not a religious organization. We do not in fact discriminate against any religion or belief system. We are here to encourage others to participate in assisting our mission to fulfill our purpose. We are a charity organization gathering sponsors, members, volunteers and donations (tax-deductible?) in order to maintain our stability in this great nation and across the globe.

Our Mission

Education… Our primary mission is to educate children and their families on the functionality of technology in all areas of business. It is essential at this time more than any to educate people in this area in order for them to know how to become successful in their chosen careers. Giving the less fortunate an opportunity to study courses in their chosen fields of study. Assisted living for single mothers…With the growing number of young single mothers we dedicate our efforts in the educating and assisting young mothers make a career choice while maintaining her household. Research and future development…As we continue to grow there is much research into technology past, future and present. With which we as a people must understand for future community development. The Arts and expressionism…The arts play a major role in society. With this in mind we would like to keep the imagination alive for all to see.

Goals Since our inception on Nov. 7, 2001 we have a goal set of ten thousand dollars. This is of course for the immediate start up costs, and other expenses (see estimated budget for 2002).

· We plan to achieve our goals through various pledge drives and fundraising events. · Become active members in a productive society.

How can I help? You can help by volunteering your time and resources toward a common goal. We are always accepting new members, sponsors and volunteers to ensure our organizations productivity.

Thank you for your support

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