Teaching Adolescents Graphics Inc.

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About Us

Internationally we are challenged by the community and local community leaders of the art work that Graff Artists display in their communities.

These individuals obviously have artistic talent that is expressed in their art work as we see on the walls daily on our way to to our workplaces.

The community and local community leaders have different strategic plans on dealing with this issue. The answers they are coming up with is basically prosecuting these street artists; with harsher punishments, higher fines, and longer jail term sentences.

So we have come up with an alternate solution in helping out the street artist that has ended up in a court room; we have developed T.A.G. Teaching Adolescents Graphics, Inc., which we will expose the Street Artist to the world of Graphic Art/ Design and teach them Intro to Adobe Photoshop and Intro to Adobe Illustrator.

What we intend to do is give the street artist a place to be educated in Graphic Design. Our program will expose them to the world of Virtual Art and our plan is to direct their God given talent into a direction where they can develop their skills on a desktop and obtain employment.