Native American Alliance of Ohio

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About Us

The Native American Alliance of Ohio (NAAO) has, since its incorporation, been a group dedicated to being the voice of Native Americans indigenous to Ohio who reside within the State of Ohio, pertaining to matters that affect the indigenous population of Ohio, specifically in regards to state recognition, repatriation and reburial concerns, public education about our history and culture, and in language recovery.

Our biggest goal started in 1992 with our incorporation has been to speak with one voice for all native peoples who reside in Ohio. To date, we keep this as the primary goal of NAAO, and we do not see an end to this goal.

We have four other primary goals:

  1. to educate mainstream Ohioans about the Ohio Native Peoples that are still in Ohio and still active in our communities
  2. to help maintain our sacred sites, primarily mound sites
  3. under the federal Native American Graves and Repatriation Act of 1990, to repatriate and facilitate the reburial of all remains and grave goods that are currently housed in institutions, museums, and universities across Ohio
  4. to set up recovery programs targeting our indigenous languages and geneaologies