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About Us

REPAIRERS OF THE BREACH OUTREACH MINISTRIES P.O BOX 1804, MBALE (UGANDA) TEL: 256-77-321648 E-Mail: repairersmin @ yahoo. Com


INTRODUCTION:- Repairers of the Breach, outreach Ministry in a Non- Profit, non- Governmental organization which was registered in 1998 with a vision of raising foundation of many generations. It has New generation Church and New generation Primary School as organs under this ministry. It seeks to transform lives of people in this needy community/slum of Mbale town through education and evangelism.

Mbale Town is 270 kms East of Kampala city the capital city of Uganda it is on the slopes of Mt Elgon, which is the second highest mountain in East Africa.

Namatala slum emerged as a result of the 1980 famine which caused many warriors from Karamoja (Pastoral) tribe,and people from the surrounding districts to migrate to Mbale town in search for food.

The Karamajong live by rustling and hence influenced this slum to be a hub for drunkards, thieves, prostitutes etc.

This caused lack of development to come to this area hence it became a hub for wrong doers.

Over the years, the orphans numbers have increased by 5% youth who have not completed the education (school dropouts) are many due to the high death rate of Aids related illnesses. The only business is drunkardness, prostitution, and stealing as a way of income.

By the year 2000 when we launched in this community, families would go to bed as early as 7:00 pm.

Our ministry took the initiative to have its headquarters in this area, with the following organs:-

The New Generation church, and subsequently The New Generation school. In December of 2000,we realized the need of the people especially the children, most of whom were street children smoking bangi(opium) i.e. ingesting chemicals and fuel. Others were simply orphans.

On survey we started by giving a meal every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday as a fellowship with these children. As we shared with them, we discovered some had no both parents.

We therefore started with Two classes i.e. Nursery and Primary one, in the temporary church structure.

We have 60-orphaned children study in our school and others pay the lowest fee in our city, half the government rate. Currently the number of pupils in our school is 300. We thank God for providing us with a temporary structure as seen below (photo pages attached).

It is our responsibility as a church, in this needy community socially, economically, spiritually etc.

Problem statement

• The temporary structure has a dust floor; • No desks for the pupils (except a few church benches), which cannot enable a pupil to write or study well, • scanty scholastic materials; • teachers earn the least wage. • The pupils don’t receive snack break and lunch. • Uniform is hard for the needy parents to afford and many pupils come to school bare footed.

Since we came to this community, there has been tremendous success especially criminal activities have tremendous reduced and we are working to have a good community for people to live in.

ACHIEVEMENTS • We have so far an iron roof on a temporary structure for five classes. • We have a toilet. • We completed the foundation for our office block. TARGETS We are praying and believing God that in the next three years, we shall have the school achieve the following:- • All Classes from nursery to primary seven. • Having desks for all the children to sit on level with other schools. • Remove the dust floor. • Fencing off the school premises. • Bring tap water to ensure hygiene in the school • Complete office block. • Have Electric power come to the school.

We are therefore seeking for partners in the areas of prayers, material, and financial support to enable our ministry achieve these objectives.

Thank you.

PASTOR PHILIP CHARO. Founder and President Senior pastor –New Generation Church.