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About Us

Mother and Child is a non-profitable charitable organization delivering community level poverty alleviation support through community self-sustaining, entrepreneurial development, farming and fishery.

There is a lot of talk within international circles of finally getting rid of world poverty with the principle focus on the continent of Africa.

There are a very large number of charitable organizations and government bodies currently working in Africa, all with the same goal.

However, despite the vast number of years these organizations have been settled as well as operational in these regions, little or no progress is being made towards the ultimate goal. Why? The answer is quite simple. Resources made available for this global fight against poverty are not reaching the grassroots where it will make a clearer difference – only through the grassroots can the problem of poverty be eradicated.

In this day and age, over 10 million settlers in the rural communities in the Western region of Africa do not have the living essentials to carry their daily routine, agriculture has suffered from years of government mismanagement, inconsistency, and poorly conceived government policies and lack of basic amenities like hoes, fertilizers and the crops to plant. These items are readily available to purchase, but the poor farmers in these rural areas cannot afford to buy them. There is the case of the orphans in these regions as there is no orphanage for them to live in. You find them going about begging for food and clothes to wear and most of the time they are used as child labour, house slaves, prostitutes and so much other atrocities.

The social circumstances in these areas are as a result of the economic decline but also generally are often a result of the culture surrounding these communities. Women are regarded as second class to everything, and we mean everything, from head to toe. In the circumstances of a widow, her husband’s lands may be taken off by her in-laws or in most cases the heads of the community will come together to take her late husband’s properties. She may even be abandoned by the community with no help of survival whatsoever.

Mother and Child has initiated programs to help these class of people, widows with young children under the age of 12 and orphans under the age of 13 and so we will provide an orphanage together with land, crops and tools for farming.

Our intention is to create self-sustaining communities that are capable of regeneration and self-preservation.


We will shelter the very poor women and children of these communities with particular focus on those women cast out of their communities for the mere fact that they are widows together with orphaned children who are just left to their own demise.

Our housing programme will not serve to remove people from their various communities but will serve as a place of forum and sanctity.

Mother and Child believe that in this day and age, the foundation for the fight against poverty must see to it that every woman and child has a home. We believe the fundamental foundation of every society IS THE HOME and we will therefore work towards eradicating the homelessness of widows, the abused homeless children of circumstance, and the homeless orphan.


Lands will be made available for long and short term leases. The products of the farming project will be ploughed back into the community to be readily available for the immediate people under our care as well as marketable goods available at a good affordable price to the entire community. The widows will plant on these lands and after they sell their products, they get to keep 40%, 30% goes to the running of the orphanage and 30% to the land owner.

Mother and Child believe that by eliminating government “red tape”, farming aid and assistance can indeed reach the grassroots where food availability is needed the most. This WILL be achieved by using a more direct, realistic and practical approach. Our goal is to create self-sufficient communities that can be able to sustain themselves and earn income to help formally educate their families.


A fishery farm will be set up to harness the lucrative market in the region. It will be made available to the widows under our care at seasonable periods of the fish, as well as before the profits will be divided by three: 40% for the widows, 30% for the orphanage, and 30% to the land owner. Again, self-sustainance is our ultimate goal.


Your most needed contributions will make a whole lot of difference in the lives of many widows and children – PLEASE HELP!


Thank You!

Mother & Child

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