Aldea Yanapay




About Us

The school of Aldea Yanapay is one of those rare exceptions where words like love and peace are lived out every day. Aldea Yanapay works to alleviate the social injustices faced by the children of Cusco. The school provides a haven of love, creativity, and learning for the youth of the city. In existence for only three years, it has already impacted the lives of over three hundred children and forty volunteers.

Students come to our after-school program from various public and private schools. In the Aldea they complete their homework, use the library and its materials, and also receive an arts-based education (theatre, music, painting, etc.) and other courses which are important in everyday life: world cultures and religions, ecology, sexual education, reading. The school is open to all forms of cultural expression, such as meditation, massage, capoeira, circus, etc. As a result, people come from all over the world, everyone with something to give.

One of our goals is self sufficiency and for that reason we founded the Cafe Restaurant Yanapay. This is a place with international food, art, couches, and occasional theatre or live music. All of the money from the restaurant goes to sustain our social projects.

In addition to the school, restaurant, volunteer house, and hostel we currently have, we hope to open a cultural center and orphanage. The cultural center will be a place where the youth of Cusco can go for free classes in theatre, art, dance, or music and have performances. Our ultimate goal is to open an orphanage.

Unlike many other volunteer projects, there is NO FEE to volunteer with Aldea Yanapay. We greet volunteers for any amount of time- a day or a year. If you have a skill to share or a class to teach, or you want to stay for a long time and help with future projects, please join us.