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About Us

The Biophilic Brotherhood is a new organization for men that want to examine themselves and patriarchal Sadosociety, and who want to gain the Courage To Leave. We understand that Women and life on this Earth have been subjugated and terrorized for thousands of years by patriarchal oppression, and that we must work together as people born male to eradicate patriarchal thinking and patriarchal institutions.

The name and the impetus to form this group was inspired (transporealy) by Mary Daly's "Quintessence , a Radical Feminist Elemental Manifesto" and by the call of our sisters to act. We believe that patriarchy is at the root of all the isms,(militarism sexism racism ageism etc) and untill all women are free no man can be free. We also wish to work towards social reform gender equity and the understanding of the role religion plays in perpetuating men's hegemony in place. We can be described as Pro Radical Feminist, Pro Womanist and Pro Ecology.