Wanword Progressive Foundation, Inc.

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About Us

Wanword Progressive Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt Corporation incorporated in Boston, Massachusetts. The organization's mission is to work to develop human capacity and increased self-reliance and empower Sierra Leonean Community, to work towards the elimination of poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition and improve basic education, health and child survival. The yural communities have serious and growing interrelated problems. Many of the communities problem begin among elementary school aged children, who live in dire poverty, high risk families and poor neighborhoods. In Sierra Leone children grow older, their problems become severe and difficult to alter into positive lifestyles. Most of the problem's symptoms become most evident where many drop out of school, experience alcohol, drug abuse and teenager pregnancy. To achieve the foundation's goals. We work to develop and implement the followijg programs and services in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

  • Educational Programs
  • Health Programs
  • Scholarship/ Sponsorship
  • Employment and job training for Sierra Leonean youth.