Adaklu Youth Education Committee

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About Us

AYEC works to improve the lives of young people in Adaklu, Ghana, by increasing educational and vocational opportunity in the community.

The Adaklu Youth Education Committee (AYEC) was founded in 2000 in partnership with the US Peace Corps, with the primary of advancing the educational and vocational opportunities available to young people in the Adaklu area of the Volta Region, Ghana.

The Adaklu area refers to the 53 rural communities which surround the Adaklu Mountain south of the regional capital, Ho. The Adaklu area is a rural, predominantly agrarian society, characterised by a lack of infrastructure and poor investment in basic public services.

AYEC exists to support the local communities of the Adaklu Mountain area in providing opportunities for their children and young people—through extending access to education, vocational programmes and whole-community support (such as health improvement7u and promotion). AYEC does this through a combination of core and ad hoc programmes within the community, working with the support of international volunteers. All programme funds and operating costs are met through payments made by volunteers, outside donations, and proceeds from the plantain farm.

At its height, AYEC provided over 350 orphaned children with new school uniforms on a biennial basis to enable them to attend primary or junior school, and supported up to twelve senior school students to further their education through scholarships. However, following the withdrawal of the principle of funding in 2008, all programmes were postponed indefinitely.

In 2010, with the support of volunteers, AYEC re-launched as an independent, community-based organisation, with a new focus on maintaining financial sustainability. The goal of the farm is to provide financial resources that will make AYEC less dependent on donations or the income generated by volunteer placement. This would ensure consistency in AYEC’s ability to support the orphan uniform fund as well as the secondary school scholarship fund. ­

Currently, AYEC provides scholarships for 10 students from the Adaklu area to attend senior school. With the help of local junior schools, these students are selected as being “brilliant but needy.” Provided that students abide by the terms of their scholarship contract, their school fees are paid for by AYEC for their three year senior school career.

In 2009, AYEC provided 450 orphans in the region with school uniforms. Due to insufficient funds, the Orphan Fund was temporarily suspended in 2011. Through donations and proceeds from the plantain farm, AYEC hopes to restart the Orphan Fund in 2013.