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About Us

We are NGO from the Czech Republic.
Let me introduce our organization.

Our aims are:
- offer to other organizations and carry out activities concerning education, cultural (exhibitions, cultural events. art projects, cultural climate), environmental, employment, social and professional activities and sports.

There are some activities of our NGO, we endeavour to:
- stimulate, develop and propagate cultural and other activities beneficial for the society
- organize and support cultural activities with the aim of active participation of citizens
- support of humanitarian, charity and self-help activities among citizens
- map unused premises and buildings owned by the state and municipalities, identifying and proposing possibilities of a purposeful usage of such localities
- publish independent magazines, newspapers and one-time publications engaged in cultural and other activities beneficial for the society, and their circulation among the population across the Czech Republic
- support of regional artists and art associations, organization of exhibitions, lectures, film projections and talks
- contribute the increase in attractiveness of the region for citizens of the whole of the Czech Republic as well as foreign visitors.
We support motivation and youth initiatives, international activities and cooperation, voluntariness and the European Voluntary Service.

And through these activities develop skills, knowledge and abilities of children, the youth, adults and seniors, and realize projects, IT, which concern these elements.
We endeavour to provide execution and cooperation within the realization of European Union projects, as well as global projects, specifically in all areas supported by the European Union and areas globally supported, including advisory activities and consultancy during the preparation of such projects.

Our recent projects are:
1. EAC-2012-0551 Euro.Partnership on Sport - Promoting Urban Sports For All (PRO-US-ALL)
3. JUST/2011-2012/DAP/AG/3335 CyberMentors Europe- BeatBullying Charity Registration No. 1097631
4. JUST/2011/DAP/AG/3022 - DAPHNE III - A Study Relating to Children Rough Sleepers who are Runaways & Homeless and Victims of Sexual Exploitation/Abuse & other Violence on the Streets and Development of Knowledge Transfer Activities that Improve Services & Policies to Support & Protect these Vulnerable Children.
5. Visegrad Fund - How to teach to live together?
6. Grundtvig - mobility - Story telling on record

We have experience with EU projects, we know, what all such project means, and involves, and we also know, how these projects are important to develop the society.

Bc. Andrea Kožuchová
Ředitelka KOMUNIKUJEME o.p.s. | Chairman of the board KOMUNIKUJEME o.p.s.

Tel: + 420 777 263 731


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Office and mailing address: Legerova 1820/39 | 120 00 | Prague 2 |
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