Community health,housing and social education(CHHASE)

About Us

CHHASE (Community Health, Housing And Social Education) is a registered non-profit secular grass root voluntary organization, have been serving for the upliftment of the rural and tribal poor in their Socio-economic, education, health aspects etc for the past 8 years. CHHASE is dedicated to the service of mankind and it is founded on the principles of universal brotherhood, love, peace and harmony. The aim of the organization is to release the poor from their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual poverty and placing them in good designation and making them responsible and respectable citizens of the country. Goals

1. Education 2. Environmental , Health education 3. Promotion of SHG’s and capacity building. 4. Care and support to persons living with HIV/AIDS. 5. Adult literacy. 6. Tree planting programme. 7. Water harvesting and recharging under ground water. 8. Disability management, group formation and trainings for their self employment. 9. Sponsor programme for school children who cannot afford to pay fees, school supplies etc. 10. Homes for senior citizens and orphan children. 11. Good water and Sanitation for rural masses. 12. Residential schools for drop-out children. 13. Child labor special schools. 14. Solid Waste management and recycling. 15. New born screening for disability.

Aims and Objectives CHHASE is established for the benefit and betterment of needy, poor and economically backward people.

  • To provide accommodation, food, clothes, value education and vocational trainings to the orphan, poor children and child labor.
  • To provide shelter, food, clothes and medical assistance to the aged.
  • To render necessary aid for the upliftment of poor and destitute women.
  • To render shelters, good water and sanitation to the rural poor.
  • To uphold child rights through enrolment and retention of all children in various schools until they schooling, facilitate their higher education or vocational trainings.
  • Send them to school programme is mainly started to eradicate child labor in our region and provide infrastructure like education, accommodation, food, writing material etc. create awareness to parents, health camps and creating income generating programmes, involving community to ensure that their area is child labor free zone. There are still millions who only dream of school. CHHASE is helping some to realize this dream.

“Educate-120 underprivilegd tribal children is our project in global giving foundation site. click link : 120 Tribal children, who never enrolled in school, will be educated. They will be brought in to the brighter world. This action will bring tribal community an encouragement and development to send their children to school.