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About Us

BENNU Legal supports your American Dream.

Business or immigrant, we've built the perfect services for you to achieve your goals.

Immigration Law - We handle all types of immigration matters, even the most complex. Our team analyzes your current immigration status, learns about the goals you have for you and your family, then designs you a customized plan to achieve them.

Business Law - With decades of combined experience, our business attorneys can help you with your existing business or to build a new one. We offer unique packages to support international investors and entrepreneurs to enter the US market.

Professional Services - Business plans, taxes, accounting and more. BENNU can help your small business grow and operate to its full potential.

Giving Back - BENNU believes in supporting the communities it serves. For those in greatest need, such as victims of domestic violence, trafficking, and political persecution, we provide pro and low bono services. We provide seminars, CLE classes, webinars to educate businesses and individuals on how to better navigate the complex law of immigration.